Un poquito de español 

We're going to learn about food and ordering at restaurants today! Medellin and Nuquí are both incredible cities for cuisine. Having a freshly squeezed juice with a plate of fresh fruit in the mornings is unmatched. 

Ordering food-
I want- Quiero
A glass of- Un vaso de
I am vegetarian- Soy vegetarian/vegetariana
I am allergic- Soy alergico/alergica
Can I have- Me regala (informal, directly translates to can you gift me)
Can you bring me- Me puede traer
With- Con
Without- Sin
What ingredients are in this?- Que ingredientes tiene? 
Spicy- Picante
Hot- Caliente
Napkins- Servilletas
Knife- Cuchillo
Fork- Tenedor
Spoon- Cuchara

Chicken- Pollo
Pork- Cerdo
Fish- Pescado
Beef- Carne
Fries- Papas fritas
Vegetables- Verduras
Bread- Pan
Soup- Sopa
Eggs- Huevos
Rice- Arroz
Salad- Ensalada
Ice cream- Helado

Water- Agua
Lemonade- Limonada
Coconut Water- Agua de Coco
Juice- Jugo
Soft drink- Gaseosa
Coffee- Cafe
Beer- Cerveza
Wine- Vino

Nuquí is for foodies.  

cartagena food

Colombian food is delicious, flavorful, and steeped in history. Nuquí is special because of it's positioning right by the sea, so ingredients are fresh- especially seafood. We will be catching our own fish at some point!

Traditional Colombian food is influenced by the 87 different indigenous tribes that live mostly in Nariño, La Guajira, Cauca, and the Amazon region. It is also influenced by Spanish and African cuisine. 

Many of the iconic street foods on the coast of Colombia are made of cornmeal, yuca, or plantain. Exotic fruits like granadilla, guanabana, and mamoncillos (the key to my heart) are everywhere, and lunch is the most important meal in Colombian culture- so expect incredible meals! 

You'll find that the best drink to pair your meals with are what we call "jugos naturales", fresh juices. Colombians are the number one consumers of fresh juices in the world. They are everywhere, even squeezed and sold right in front of your eyes on the streets. Order lulo juice, which comes from the lulo, a fruit native to Colombia. 

The baked breads, pastries, and sweets in Colombia are legendary. Buñuelos, almojabanas, roscones de arequipe, are all incredible snacks, desserts, and perfect with a coffee in the afternoon. 

You'll also find savory street food, like arepa de huevo, which can be a breakfast, dinner, or snack, depending on how hungry you are! The concept is simple and yet SO delicious. The arepa is fried, taken out, opened, a raw egg is placed inside it, and then fried again. Sounds kind of terrible, right? Just wait till you try one! 

Linsey is from Australia, visited the Pacific, fell in love with it, and decided to create Prana Pacifico, the boutique hotel we’ll be staying at in Nuquí. Here’s a video from one of their yoga retreats! (Ours will be more focused on food, adventure, and community)

See you in May!