Today you'll be reading about shopping in Spanish, Colombia’s incredible biodiversity, and giant escalators!

Un poquito de español

This month we're learning about shopping! Medellin has a ton of talented Colombian designers and Nuquí will make your artisan souvenir dreams come true.
To buy – Comprar
To sell – Vender
How much? - Cuánto cuesta?  
How much are the earrings? - Cuánto cuestan los aretes? 
How much is the purse? - Cuánto cuesta la cartera? 
It’s too expensive! – Es muy costoso! Es muy caro!
What’s the best price? – Cuál es el mejor precio?
It’s beautiful – Es muy bonito (Singular) Son muy bonitos (Plural) 
Do you have another size? – Tiene otra talla?
Do you have a larger size? Tiene una talla más grande?
Do you have a smaller size? – Tiene una talla más pequeña?
Do you have another color? –Tiene otro color? 

Blue – Azul
Red – Rojo
Blanco – White
Black – Negro
Yellow – Amarillo
Green – Verde
Brown – Café
Pink – Rosado
Gray – Gris

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Get cozy with wildlife

Colombia’s biodiversity is impressive, we know that- but did you know Choco (where Nuquí is located) has the most variety of species of birds in the world? Not to mention many of the animals that inhabit the rainforest are endemic to that area, which means you can only find them there. In the entire world. That’s amazing.

Choco is also home to over 70 different indigenous ethnic groups. Because the area is so remote, they have been able to preserve their culture and way of life, something many indigenous tribes are not able to do in other countries. Sustainable tourism is a huge part of why we put these trips together, which is why we are only working with socially responsible & local businesses and employing locals for the trip.

The change of pace in Nuquí is the perfect backdrop to truly rest, explore, adventure, and just be. The natural beauty, the jungle hikes, the completely new environment is going to reinvigorate you and make this trip unforgettable. We’re sooo ready!

Did you know...

Nuquí has dreamy naturally occurring hot springs in the middle of the jungle called “Termales.” Yes, we will be visiting them!

The private island we’re staying on is famous for having some of the best waves in Colombia. If you love to surf or have ever wanted to learn to surf, this is your time!!!

Medellin was awarded the Innovative City of the Year in 2013 and in 2016, Medellin won the Lee Kuan World City Prize, a sort of “Urbanism nobel prize” granted because of Medellin’s transformation. Once you go, you’ll see why- art, and innovation while maintaining culture is hard and Medellin has done it beautifully.

This massive outdoor escalator can be found in Medellin (yes, we’re going to it!)

This massive outdoor escalator can be found in Medellin (yes, we’re going to it!)

See you in May!