Your questions.

Shipping and returns?

Shipping is through USPS. There is no international shipping (yet!). There are not returns as well, so make sure you follow the measuring guidelines! We'd feel really bad if you received an ill fitting surprise!


Stripe is the payment option we have- just put in your credit card and you're done. It's secure, so there's nothing you need to worry about. 

Why vintage?

Vintage clothes have stories. For a less obscure answer, check it out:


Because there are no returns, it's super important to know your measurements and see how the pieces would fit you. We make sure to accurately measure all clothes, and just in case you're a little confused, this is how you should measure yourself: 

Length: Measurement from the top of the shoulder/ collar to the hemline.

For pants: Measurement of the entire piece.

Chest: Measurement from underarm to underarm then doubled.

Waist: Measurement is taken from the narrowest part of the waist then doubled.

Hips: Measurement is taken below the waist at the fullest part of the garment, double that too. Please note, the elasticated waist measurements will also be mentioned when applicable.


Anything we sell is high quality, without tears or stains. To put it simply, I won't sell something I wouldn't wear myself! 

More questions? 

Feel free to contact us! 

Or through or instagram (@myclosetetc) or twitter (@myclosetetc)