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We love traveling with you. When we visited family in Bogotá on our last trip to Colombia, we were amazed at how beautiful, vibrant, and fun the capital city was. It made us want to share this dreamy city with you, so we planned a relaxing, self- love fueled trip to the heart of Colombia: Bogotá.

Bogotá is a sprawling city cradled by the Andes Mountains and home to iconic museums, shopping, and high end dining. Picture yourself walking past skyscrapers, then taking a turn and experiencing colonial architecture, then looking into the distance and seeing mountains surrounding the sky.
It’s the perfect backdrop for a trip focused on treating yourself.

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Bogotá’s art, music, and style is enough to rival most major cities. Add natural pockets of beauty nestled in the city, the Andes Mountains, the hard working, joyful spirit of the people- it’s a very, very special place. And we’re not the only ones who fell in love. The New York Times- “Bogotá just gets better and better. The city hums with energy and possibility, offering a thriving environment for creativity”, Culture Trip, The Telegraph, The Guardian and travelers everywhere are here for it!!! Bogotá has flourished and it’s time to experience it.

With a self-love centered workshop, a luxurious spa day, a day trip into the mountains, and WAY more, it’s time to do something for yourself, share a life changing experience with amazing women, and get out of your comfort zone!!

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Your trip will be all inclusive- once you get to Bogotá, we’ll handle all transportation, food, and activities so you can truly rest and enjoy.

Just a FEW of the things planned:

- A spa session including a facial, massage, hydrotherapy, and more.

- A workshop on self-love with practical applications to get to know yourself better and improve your relationship with yourself led by your hosts and catered by luxury dinner party experts De Tal Madre, with a little surprise at the end (we can’t tell you!)

- Walking tour of Bogotá’s historical center and colonial dream, La Candelaria

- An art class to unleash creativity, relax, and create something beautiful together.

- Street art, boutique hopping, and Colombian cuisine

- A mountainside lunch expedition to the outskirts of Bogotá (have you ever dined while overlooking mountains, sitting on tree trunks, eating from a massive, shared plate with people who feel like family? It is bliss. And don’t even get us started on dessert.)

A pic from the last trip’s night out (it was amazing)

A pic from the last trip’s night out (it was amazing)

- Community building and time to focus on your goals and dreams while experiencing real friendship with your fellow travelers.

- Tour of Bogotá’s iconic underground salt mine cathedral, la Catedral de Sal, and a day trip to the historic village surrounding it.

- Art museums, flea markets, shopping days.

- A night out in Bogotá (duh!)

- Gourmet dinners, street snacks, sightseeing and exploring a new culture through the eyes of two locals (us!)

- Staying in the most beautiful, walkable, and safe neighborhood in all of Bogotá. We used to live in that neighborhood, so trust us when we say you will fall in love with the cobblestone streets and artistic energy. We also bought out the hotel (no big deal.)

- Much, much more!

We value sustainability and supporting the local economy, which is why this experience will generate employment opportunities for locals and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit.

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Why Should I Come?

If you love cities, art, and shopping, this is the trip for you. Bogotá is a stylish cultural epicenter ready for you to discover it and be inspired. Become energized by the twinkling city lights, shop one of a kind finds by local makers, soak up all the street art, colors, and design marvels.
Bogotá is waiting for you, with two guides who are natives so you’ll be in the know.

If you’ve had a rough year, how does a mini getaway with ten girls who will become family by the end of it sound? This isn't your average girls trip. The friendships created are one of the main reasons why we do it. You get to be 100% you and receive a support system in a safe and nurturing environment.
Plus, a workshop on getting real about self love and a couple of day trips to the mountains for fresh air and even fresher food will reinvigorate your mindset, so you can come back knowing you are loved, capable, and with a community you can rely on.

Do you need to relax but you get bored easily? This is the vacation for you.
With a slate of dreamy, luxurious activities like a spa day, meals overlooking the city, and day trips through sleepy, colonial towns, you’ll get all the rest you’ve been missing. That being said, the historic tours, art on every corner, and soul of the city will keep you inspired and on your toes. Get ready to come back more motivated than ever, with glowing skin.

The night out is ALWAYS iconic.

The night out is ALWAYS iconic.

plaza botero
The shopping and arts district is the stuff of DREAMS.

The shopping and arts district is the stuff of DREAMS.

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All the Details

Ready to SLAY

Ready to SLAY

The trip starts Friday, Feb 14th 2020, where we will meet up with everyone in Bogotá’s airport.
Once you arrive to Bogotá, you won’t have to worry about anything- we’ve got it covered. We’ll spend five days and four nights soaking up art, culture, incredible food, and treating ourselves like the queens we are, then depart February 18th.

The Total Cost Includes

- Hotel in the dreamy neighborhood of Usaquén. One room per person (we bought out the hotel!!)
- All transportation
- All meals (3 meals a day, with snacks in between)
- All gratuities
- All entrance fees
- La Candelaria Tour
- Art class
- All day trips
- Zipaquirá Tour
- Cover charge for a night out
- Workshop on self love and tangible ways to improve your relationship with yourself. Gourmet catering, of course!
- All planned activities
- Usaquén tour
- Luxury spa day
- Taxes

Does Not Include:

- Tickets to Bogotá (We do, however, send you flight recommendations.)
- Alcoholic Beverages

The total cost of the trip is $1400. A $280 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. After that, it'll be payments of $280 due on the following dates: Oct 15th, Nov 15th, Dec 15th, Jan 15th.
Registrations are transferrable.

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nikka duarte


I love to do anything creative. I'm from Colombia and I'm an artist (acting, writing, design- anything and everything). I also work in production in Atlanta. I like my coffee black, I love meeting new people, and I can't wait to have an INCREDIBLE trip!

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I am a Colombian who loves God, family, and traveling. I have moved often and have lived in places like Australia, Singapore, Colombia and the United States which has taught me to be flexible and enjoy each day as it comes.
I am so excited to share my country with you!

We also happen to be best friends,

We also happen to be best friends,

travel a ton together,

travel a ton together,

and are a pretty cute mother - daughter team.

and are a pretty cute mother - daughter team.


Name *
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How many people?
We can take a maximum of eight people. This is a small, intimate trip, and you won’t want to miss it!

Where exactly are we going?
Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia! We’re staying in Usaquén, a beautiful, trendy neighborhood known for it’s artisans, cobblestone streets, and small-town feel that is literally a block away from the thriving city.

Where are we staying?
We’ll be staying in a gorgeous boutique hotel in the heart of Usaquén. You’ll have your own room, bathroom, and comfy full bed.

Is Colombia safe?
Colombia has grown immensely and has become a safe country to visit. We recommend the normal precautions: no over the top flashiness, be mindful, and avoid walking alone at night.

Is this legit?
You can find testimonials above, a link to our past retreat, and two really fun Instagram stories detailing what we did this last September in Cartagena and this past July in Medellin.


I'm not based in Atlanta, but I want to come!
Well come! Because tickets to Bogotá are not included, you can fly in from anywhere as long as we meet in Bogotá on February 14th in the afternoon. We also help you pick out the tickets.

Do I need to know Spanish?
Not at all! we are fluent in both English and Spanish and can help with all conversations or questions.

Will there be gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options?
Let us know upon registration and we will try our best to cater to your dietary restrictions.


Will I be able to use my cellphone in Colombia?
Please check with your phone service provider to see if you'll need to purchase an international plan to use your phone. Bogotá has a lot of complimentary wifi, and our hotel will have wifi as well.

How much walking will there be?
Most activities will include walking. Keep in mind Bogotá is at an altitude of 2,640 meters, making it a soaring city in the middle of the Andes.

Will I need a passport?
Yes, you will need a valid passport. A travel visa is not required.

Am I required to purchase travel insurance?
It is not a requirement, however we recommend it.

More questions? Send them our way! myclosetetc@yahoo.com