Zaful Review (Take 2)

I am one spoiled girl. Zaful reached out to me again to see if I wanted more stuff for the Summer. My first experience with them was awesome, so to get asked back made me all warm inside. Love them. 

I bought a bright yellow bikini, stunning chandelier earrings, an olive wrap around crop top, a striped off the shoulder top, and another (fancier) striped off the shoulder top. No jeans for me this time, I learned my lesson. (I have! A big! Butt!)

Everything fit perfectly.
I always size up, so keep that in mind, but I even loved the bikini! And I'm so picky with swimwear!

Now for the individual reviews. 

This olive top is a size m (I'm usually an s or m) and when I got it out of the package, I cringed. It looked like it couldn't fit your average cat. I was sure it wouldn't work for me. And yet I put it on. And- well, there's the pic for proof. Fair warning: It's sold out as of right now :(

It is stretchy, comfy, and of course, pretty sexy (as all strappy things are.) So happy I didn't just give it to Babayega

Next up: This stunning striped off the shoulder top I wore to bike all over Copenhagen. 


Look at me, living my best life. 
This top was comfy, easy to throw on, NOT sheer (so you can go braless.) I felt chic and it took me .2 seconds to think of this outfit. 

These stunning fringe earrings have now been added to my "amazing earrings Zaful has list." They are lightweight (!!!) but not cheap looking, and they make any outfit a little more formal. I love. 

The fancier striped top is definitely heavier, it has more fabric which I love. Also the little tie thing at the front is cute but I just tied it and then pushed it in. 

And now for the bikini... I LOVED IT. I can't even believe I bought a bikini online and it fit perfectly. I am amazed. I sized up (size L) and it fit! Keep in mind I'm usually an s or m! 
Also, the bikini comes in a cute bag which I used for packing stuff for my London trip so that was adorable. And the color!!! Obsessed!!


More pics below and everything is linked! 

Much love,