Experimenting with Dry Shampoos (2 Winners, 3 Sad Faces)

The new hair

The new hair

I darkened my hair recently (thank you to the beautiful Briana Hebeisen, sweet angel, fantastic hairstylist, and connector of people) and I love it! I feel like I look like an Italian film star! I feel more connected to my latin roots! I feel like I belong in a foreign film, chewing on a lemon while some man tells me he loves me!

So yes, the hair, I love. The not washing it? 


I used to wash my hair every day (yes, I know you're gasping, I'm sorry I disappointed you, Jonathan Van Ness.) But it's only because I work out every day! Like, I'm sorry I don't want to walk around with a sweaty, humid mess on my head for the rest of my life. That being said, I knew I'd have to change my ways if I wanted to keep my glossy, dark color. In come the recommendations from friends, family, and strangers in the target aisle for great dry shampoos. Here, a list of five I tried and two I fell in love with. 

1. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe dry shampoo
Ok, the smell is great. That's just a fact. I feel like I had to put way too much on for my hair to be not so greasy, but once I did my hair looked pretty good and nicely textured. 

Cruelty free

IGK Dry Shampoo

2. IGK Direct Flight Multi-Tasking dry shampoo
First of all, always trust your hairstylist. Briana recommended IGK's dry shampoo, and, for the first time ever, I bought it. I usually just nod and say "yeah ok" and get the cheapest things, but I knew if I wanted to keep this hair I'd have to commit! Ok honey! 
Let's talk packaging- It makes me feel like I'm living in my dream apartment, post workout (at Equinox, of course), pre coffee run. 
There is so much product and you only need a bit- no residue, delicious smell, and it sucks up enough oil so I can wait three days between washes. 
I kind of want to try the deepest cleanse that comes after this one, which is called "First Class." It boasts a hefty amount of charcoal to really suck all the oil out. I also just want more pretty packaging. 

Cruelty free

3. Tresemmé Fresh Start Volumizing dry shampoo
I should have known. I should HAVE KNOWN. And yet, like a child playing with an electric socket, I thought "what's the worse that could happen?" 
tangled, sticky, clumpy hair. 

Not cruelty free

dry shampoo review

4. Batiste Original dry shampoo
Everyone talks about Batiste like they invented dry shampoo. It was invented around the late 15th century in Asia, people were using clay in their hair. Minipoo was the O.G, which was the first commercially avail dry shampoo. It popped up in the 1940s. 
But anyways. 
The smell reminds me of hand soap- it has like a citrus smell, but chemical-y, and it just builds my hair up but doesn't clean it? 

Not cruelty free (claim they are, but they sell in China which requires animal testing by law.)

5. Aveda Shampure dry shampoo
Oh my goodness, so disappointing. I was excited because the packaging is better for the environment (non-aerosol), but it literally did not work, did not absorb anything, and was way too much $$. 

Cruelty free

What are your fav haircare brands? And don't forget to recycle your aerosol cans when you're done with them!

My Skincare Routine.

I! Am! Glowing!

That's too strong of a start but it's honestly how I've been feeling lately. Exactly thirty four days ago I started my new skincare routine and I have not stopped talking about it. If that wasn't enough, two weeks into my skincare routine I went to Cartagena, where I did not wear a drop of makeup for six days. I was relaxed, eating fresh foods, and getting so much exercise because of all the walking I did.

If you are just looking for the routine and no fun backstory :( click here
1 week after Cartagena, makeup free 

1 week after Cartagena, makeup free 

I decided to start a new skincare routine because I was constantly breaking out, had a ton of redness, and no matter what I tried (or what kind of combinations I'd come up with), I'd still end up with all this acne, dry skin, and no glow.
I want to clarify that break outs are normal and there are some you can't control- hormonal pimples, or sometimes redness due to the weather or stress. And it is ok! It's nothing to ever be ashamed of, and breakouts or not I was still posting selfies like it was my job.
Also, your skincare routine is a very personal thing. What works for me might not work for you, and I am in no way an expert. I just found something that has worked better than anything else in the past, so if you have dry skin, sometimes sensitive, prone to minor breakouts like me, this might help. 

Hush Beauty Bar facial

I had gotten myself a facial for Christmas and went in to use it (thank you Hush Beauty Bar!) The esthetician was so knowledgeable and sweet. She kept asking me what I was doing, and I was horrifying her with all the acids I would put on my face at the same time (lactic acid, glycolic acid, hylauronic acid, retinol, a strong glycolic foaming face wash and many times no sunscreen.) "You have dry skin, with a tendency for breakouts in certain areas. Know your skin and build your routine from that." She shared some recommendations. As much as I'd love to buy them, I cannot afford a $40 cleanser, but I left relaxed and with her words of wisdom on my mind. 


Cerave hydrating cleanser review

Dry skin needs a cleanser that is moisturizing and that won't strip it's natural moisture barrier. I went with Cerave hydrating cleanser. I stayed away from foaming face washes or face washes that would make my skin feel tight afterward (I thought that meant it was "working"- clearly not.)

I needed something to take my makeup off, and makeup wipes are a huge no no- they don't actually take your makeup off, they just smear the dirt all around your skin and irritate it. I ended up choosing garnier micellar water and it worked out perfectly. 

After cleansing, I apply pixi glow tonic to clean, dry skin. I'll wait for it to set.

This changes- typically in the AM I'll use glow tonic after cleansing, but in the PM I'll use The Ordinary's Advanced Retinod after cleansing instead. I do this because I love both products but do not want to mix them, since layering these acids can diminish their effectiveness. I finish up with Cerave hydrating moisturizer and then sunblock if it's my daytime routine. 


The routine


Pixi glow tonic review

AM- Cerave hydrating cleanser

        Pixi glow tonic

        Cerave hydrating moisturizer


PM- Garnier micellar cleansing water

        Cerave hydrating cleanser

       The Ordinary advanced retinol

       Cerave hydrating moisturizer 



Week 2 in London!!! 

Week 2 in London!!! 

This is going to sound silly, but I noticed that whenever I travel my skin clears up within like, two days. When I was in London for a few weeks, surviving off of essentially coffee and croissants (the cheapest things I could find), my skin was blemish free. When I came back from Cartagena last week, I did not need or want any makeup- I still don't. I've worn makeup maybe once or twice since coming back (for auditions.) 

So, if you needed more reasons to travel... There you have it. 

I also try to get one facial a month to clear my pores, have some me time, and reinvigorate my face. Even if you just get a 30 min facial for extractions, it will be worth it. 

And I drink a ton of water, to the point where my mum constantly worries I'm going to get water intoxication. And try to stay away from fatty foods, greasy stuff, and sugary drinks (or have them in moderation.) Just those boring basics :)

I still have stubborn blackheads, the ocasional pimple, and a bit of redness, but it's nothing compared to what I used to deal with. If you're starting a new routine, give it 28-30 days to see if it is working. Figure out what kind of skin you have and use what works for you- and don't overcomplicate yourself. 

Any skincare recommendations? Please please share!