Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening Review

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My relationship with my smile has changed so many times throughout the years.
Growing up, I had a gap, crooked teeth, and yet I smiled, laughed, and was my loud self because I really didn’t care.
Throughout my teen years I cared a bit more and I’m now unlearning that, but interestingly, my teeth were straightened.
No braces, and no, they’re not perfect at all, but no gap, and a pretty great smile that I flash constantly.
The only issue with my smile now is my every day consumption of this thing called coffee.

Every day, twice or three times a day, no cream no sugar, thank you!
As much as I love my morning, post- lunch, and afternoon ritual of coffee, I know it’s been staining my teeth. I’m not willing to say no to my cup of joy just yet, so I looked to teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpastes- even oil pulling and charcoal powder. None worked the way I wanted them to.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening review

When Smile Brilliant reached out and offered to send me a teeth whitening kit I was doubtful at first because I had tried everything. But then I realized just how LEGIT they are.
They sent me a kit to make my own molds so the custom fitted whitening trays fit my smile perfectly. I was shook.

Smile Brilliant is vegan and cruelty free, which was a huge factor in me agreeing to try the product out or not. They also have incredible customer service, and were quick with the shipping, which I appreciated!

Now I whiten my teeth almost every night for 45 min to an hour and a half, depending on how much time I have. The package that came in the mail was so informative, and the little syringes make me feel like a mad scientist in the middle of my bathroom. It’s also really pretty and I’ve enjoyed incorporating it into my nighttime routine.

I’m shocked at how the appearance of my smile has already changed in a week. It’s not just that they are whiter, they feel cleaner and healthier.

Here’s some before and after pics to show my progress in the past week!

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening before
Teeth whitening smile brilliant


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