Fall Scents that aren't pumpkin

If you love pumpkin, look away, click somewhere else, maybe buy this cute velvet top. Don’t continue reading.

Now that the pumpkin patriarchs are gone, let’s get this started. I love Fall. The light breeze, the changing colors of leaves (if global warming will let us see that again… It’s currently 90 degrees in Atlanta), the sweet activities. But I’m not a fan of pumpkin anything.

My man is a pumpkin fiend- pumpkin spiced lattes are something he squeals about (not kidding), and I love seeing him living his best life. But when I’m in Target, looking for a new candle, and there’s literally nothing except Pumpkin Dreams, Pumpkin Spiced Bread, and Pumpkin After Halloween Night… I start to resent the orange vegetable (or fruit? Let me know in the comments.)

So here, 5 Fall Scents that aren’t pumpkin:

I love honey, and I love the scent of honey. Caleb bought me a honeycomb that sometimes, when I want a super light dessert, I’ll cut a bit off, eat the honey, and chew on the comb for a while. This candle has good reviews on Amazon,

overflow lindbergh candle co

The Outdoors
Have I ever gone camping? No. Have I ever hiked more than two hours? No. Will that stop me from scenting my sweet apartment with smokey, cabin-y smells? No, no, no.
This candle describes itself as a romantic night by the campfire which sounds wonderful to me, just exchange campfire with Netflix. Lit Bklyn is always wonderful and woman-owned, which means “Beau” is going to be what you'd want your man to smell like.

Cane Sugar
This isn’t just about candles. I love the idea of pure, raw sugar cane in a fragrance, which you can find here. Everglow is also a yummy, sugary scent for Fall mornings.

blackbird incense

”Fig?” You say. Yes, fig! Apparently figs are the new avocado. Evidence is here, here, and here.
I have a friend who loves incense and her apt always smells dreamy and exotic, so here’s a very cool incense brand to satisfy your fig fantasies. For traditional scent-smellers, this black fig soy candle should do the trick. Omg and these that are on sale!

We’re taking it back to old faithful: Bath and body works has surprisingly good hand soaps I like to keep in stock for making washing my hands an experience. This one has a yummy apple scent.

There you go, some inspo for amazing and unique Fall scents. Send this list to your bf/mom and have them buy candles for you as an early bday present!