Curiosofia on Creativity.

There is something curious about creativity, you know? How so many times it feels just like magic.

In the end, every single time we humans stand in front of something we can't explain, we tend to perceive it as a sort of magic. As something that lies just right outside of the boundaries of our understanding. And only after we overcome awe, we start working in trying to figuring it out.

But more remarkable for me, than the magical aspect of creativity, is the fact that you can actually feel it. You've been there: that precise moment in which you get struck by an idea, and there is this tickling sensation in your brain, this sudden heat all over your head that makes you feel so good. I think you can relate, right?

Cartagena doors

Now, the thing is that although most of us enjoy the idea of being creative, we don't know how. No one taught us. Even worse, for some reason, we just started believing that some people are creative and some are not... As if it were a matter of chance, or fate.

Good news is that it's not like that. Creativity is not a gift, it’s an ability, and you can train and work it out to make it stronger. That is precisely what we want to teach you this September, in a place that is so full of magic that we can't think of a better match: Cartagena.

Join us for a life-changing experience, in which you will get a better understanding of how creativity works, and how you can spark it up in your everyday activities to make them more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Learn how to set your mind to a creative frequency, have more -and better- ideas, improve them, overcome mental blocks, think differently and effectively make conscious decisions.

All of this, through a whimsical mix of knowledge, practical exercises, proven methods, techniques and a lot of playing.

So, I hope we'll get to make some creative magic together in a magical place... see you in Cartagena!

- Mario Ramírez is the General Manager of Curiosofía, a colombian consultancy agency, that offers both professional training and other services in creativity, branding and strategic communications. He and Ana, his wife, will be leading the private workshop we'll have in Cartagena!