Giveaway w/ Formulate

Formulate co

Ok so exciting, exciting news: Formulate launched recently and I am AMAZED. 

Formulate creates personal care products engineered just for you. My hair is completely unique, so it deserves something more than whatever I pick up at Target, right? 
I took a quiz on what they call the "hair wizard", where they asked me about my hair type, what do I want to improve, where do I live (for weather conditions), and what scent did I want (or unscented.) Turns out, I have oily roots and dry ends and I am desperate for shine + anti frizz. 
Then they formulated a completely customized shampoo and conditioner, just for ME! I feel so special. 

You know I've been struggling with my hair recently, so this came at the perfect time. If you want your own customized shampoo and conditioner, enter my giveaway HERE
If you're not the kind of person to leave things to chance, I have a limited amount of invite codes so you can get your very own customized haircare. DM, email me, or comment below if you want one!

So much love,