Is anyone else tired of Instagram?

As I'm writing this, I'm hoping Instagram doesn't find it and proceed to use their evil algorithm to hide all my posts from everyone. LOL. 

Phone always in hand. 

Phone always in hand. 

When I went to Cartagena in April, I had a change of mindset. I was in front of so much fresh, real stuff. The food, the people, the places- they were authentic. They were inspiring. I felt stifled and suddenly very aware of my need to stick to the "theme" of my feed, or posting at the right times, or not taking something in because I was busy filtering a pic.
I realized I was worrying more about constant content, likes, and engagement than living out what I was posting. It was sad. 

I decided to stop the madness and focus on what I wanted to post, not on what I felt like others wanted to see. This became posting maybe every three, four days, as opposed to daily (or sometimes twice.)
And yes, I lost likes and followers. But I felt lighter and more creative. I was giving myself the time to create something important to me rather than continue cranking out material that I didn't love. 

The issue is, I want to continue growing my online brand. It is a brand, after all. It's me, but I have things to say, products to share, and businesses like My Closet etc to grow. So what's the middle ground? How can I expand and market this business I have put my heart into without becoming overworked or feeling like I'm sharing unoriginal stuff? 

Maybe the answer is that everything is a balance. Maybe it's taking breaks for brainstorming, creative sessions by myself, and not worrying about what followers are thinking. Maybe it's about not worrying about winning everyone over. The right people will buy, like, engage. The people I want to attract will follow me for who I really am and what I represent, not because of some made up blogger persona I am trying to push. 

I don't know, that might be a start. 

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way sometimes- how do you, as a creative, keep yourself fresh and open to inspiration while still maintaining a presence on social media?