Picnic With Us!

Hello beautiful!

Atlanta picnic

Remember the First Love event we had in March? We loved meeting you, eating, and just getting to know each other. We miss it, which is why we're having a little picnic this Saturday.
Nothing fancy, in fact we're encouraging you to bring your own snacks a la potluck- a potluck picnic! We'll bring the French baguettes because I firmly believe in carbs, but feel free to bring whatever you'd like. We're not bringing clothing, books, or anything to sell- we just want to share some time with you and maybe play some silly games. Have you heard of "El lobo"? It's a Colombian game children play in parks that involves running and singing... maybe bring comfortable shoes. 

If you've been eyeing something on the site, feel free to contact me beforehand so we can bring it and you won't have to pay for shipping ;) 

Here's the details:

What: Potluck Picnic at the Park
When: Saturday, June 2nd, 9 am
Where: Paces Mill Park, Palisades Unit. Waze it as "Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area- Paces Mill Unit." It's right beside Vinings Palisades Apartments. The entrance will look like this and there's ample parking.
Who: Me, her, and you and your friends. 
Why: ??? Because we're your friends and you love us!

See you this Saturday (weather permitting)!