Cartagena Street Style.

Walking through the streets of Cartagena was sartorial magic. 

Color, head wraps, elegance tailored for the heat. I already knew this, but I was reminded: Colombians don't play when it comes to fashion. 
I think it's so beautiful how women in Colombia truly take care of themselves. They value looking good, having their nails done, makeup done, outfit exactly how they want it. Though this mindset finds it's roots in sexism and the machismo culture, I'm finding that the mentality of "I have to look good for men and for others" is changing into "I want to look good for myself, because I value myself." It's refreshing. 

Scroll through for some of my favorite outfits from this trip!

I wore this to go visit the Castillo de San Felipe (on what to do in Cartagena, click here.)
Not gonna lie, this was one of my favorite outfits. It was day 5 of our trip, I was tan, wearing what I wanted, and had zero makeup on. Yes, I was sick the night before and throwing up. But you can't even tell in the pics. 

Guide to cartagena

I was initially wearing this huge top, tied above the skirt with the sleeves rolled up. When I came down for breakfast my dad was like "you're going to melt." So I threw on my hot pink one piece and hoped it would work with the skirt (IT DID!!) 

Hotel Cartagena
Bendita beach Cartagena

This was my beach look- one of my favorite tops with these teeny tiny ruffled shorts that were probably too small for me. I was looking behind me, at the beachside massages (I got one *heart eyes*)

Below: When people go out at night in Cartagena, they go OUT. Long, fresh dresses, tiny cute purses, Summer heels. Pack a gorgeous long dress if you can for dinner overlooking the ocean. 

What to wear Cartagena
Airport style

This is what I wore to travel.
I'm one of those people who actually care about what I wear when flying. The heels were a neutral and the only heels I brought, I love how these sweatpants look cool but are sweatpants, and I wore a bralette for max comfort. The light cardigan is linen and was more for the cold of the airport than Cartagena- you are NOT gonna need a sweater. 

Estilo Cartagena
Cartagena street style

This was a day full of walking, so I wore these cute sandals that I knew were on their last leg. (they ended up breaking... like, that's how much you walk.) I loved the tied up style of my top- it let me breathe and showed off my mum's cute skirt (thank you Mami for letting me borrow it!!) 





First Love book

I had to rep First Love in Cartagena (you can grab the tote bag here!)

For what to do in Cartagena click here