First Love's First Event

In case you didn't know (though I bombarded social media and anyone I met in real life to come), My Closet etc and Happily Imperfect had our first "First Love" event. We didn't really know what it was- a pop up shop? A book release party? A workshop? And in a beautiful way, it didn't matter. 

Amazon Authors

We hosted the event at this aesthetically stunning coworking space called Roam- they have five locations all over Atlanta and are all about innovation and hospitality. I am obsessed. 

The days leading up to the event were crazy- making goodie bags till 1 am, cancelled caterers, not finding the right flowers day of, etc. It was madness and it could not have happened without the help of incredible friends like Taylor and Christal, who sang beautifully, Caleb, who checked everyone in and helped with set up, and Yasmin, who made every decoration look like we actually knew what we were doing. 

As our gorgeous guests started pouring in (many with their moms, aunts, or sisters in tow), Priv treated them to massages and hair styling sessions. One of my favorite parts about Priv is that they are all about empowering women, fair pay, and believe in treating yourself through beauty. Priv fit perfectly with the message of First Love. 

I have a discount code from Priv- $20 off your first service with code NikkaD. Download the app and book yourself a mani, girl!!!

We ate, sang (there was a singing competition!!!), and talked about what it means to love yourself. It was honestly so beautiful how real things got. Everyone in the room was not afraid to get deep, to share, to question. That, for me, was the best part of the night. 

Tote Bags

Kate, one of our blogger guests, shared a post that made me beam. And Feyi, who bought this gorgeous quilted red jacket, wrote a blog about the event and how her jacket takes her back in time. I am so into how she styled it. 

Brandi, after reading the entire book, wrote a blog post that brought me to happy tears. Here's an excerpt (so worth the read): 
The whole premise of the book can be summed up with one sentence found on page ninety-one. “Your relationship with yourself is the longest relationship you’ll have.” How simple yet incredibly true is that? Friends and significant others come and go, but at the end of the day you’re the only one you see in that mirror. 

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who showed up and hung out with us! Thank you to everyone who bought a book, a tote bag, or your new favorite vintage piece. It means the world to me. 

If you couldn't make it or you forgot to buy a book- we got you. For JUST TODAY (March 8) we're giving you 10% off "First Love"!! Click here

Any ideas on what should we do next? Food ideas? Theme ideas? Place ideas? Sound off in the comments!!!