My Recent Shocking Beauty Discoveries.

Sometimes you deviate from your normal beauty routine and try something completely random. These little moments of invention and discovery tend to come veiled as an afterthought or happen out of necessity, but then they work and it’s beautiful.

That’s been happening to me a lot lately, and there’s some I can’t keep to myself, as TMI as they may be. So here we go!!

Lavender Oil
This tip comes from my amazing artist babe Valheria. Whenever we go dancing I usually end up sleeping over at her house and waking up ridiculously early in the morning because I’m just used to it. I drag my body to her bathroom, get scared of what I see in the mirror, and wonder if I’ll ever look alive again.
Here comes the potion she has on her counter: Lavender oil. Specifically, a basic toner with a few drops of lavender oil. I’ve tried both- the toner and the straight up lavender oil and they breathe life into my up-until-5-am face.

Unlikely heroes.

Unlikely heroes.

Old Spice 3 in 1 shampoo
I was staying at Valheria’s again and all her shampoo and conditioner ran out, all that was left was a random bottle of Old Spice 3 in 1 wash. That’s right, men have exactly one product that does 3 things, meanwhile women have two separate conditioners, shampoo, and about six exfoliants and washes that specifically target each crevice of our bodies.
But anyways.
I was unsure, especially because my hair has been thriving thanks to Formulate and I didn’t want to mess it up. But I used it and my hair actually felt really good, better than most of the other haircare products I’ve tried. I’m not saying go out and buy it- but if you happen to be in a position where that’s the only option, you have nothing to be scared of.

Tea tree toothpaste + Coconut Oil
I was about to step into the shower after my workout, looked at my underarms and was like “ugh I wish I could whiten these before the commercial I have to shoot today. Because what if they’re like lift your arms!” Looking back I was being paranoid because it was a winter shoot and a hot sauce commercial, but I get nervous!!
I half heartedly rummaged through my beauty cabinet, not sure what I was looking for, and found this organic tea tree toothpaste. I remembered how tea tree oil is an antibacterial and figured maybe this random Australian toothpaste wasn’t that different, so I mixed it with coconut oil and put it on my underarms for like fifteen minutes.
It worked. I was shook. Since then I try to do it once a week. I’ve tried with baking soda and lemon, both work well and I feel ready for next Summer. Kind of early, but ready.

Brown Eyeliner for Bushy Brows
You KNOW I have fluffy, bushy, hairy brows. It’s just a fact. I typically use Colourpop’s brow pomade for my brows, but one day I was in a hurry getting ready for a night out and all I had was my $1 dark brown eyeliner from Ulta. Like, the most basic eyeliner pencil possible.
I sharpened it, started enhancing my arch, and realized it was looking VERY good.
It’s a great method if you have bushy brows like me and not enough time to spend giving them shape.

And one beauty fail: Don't use roll-on perfume as lip balm because you’re desperate. I did it and continually tasted flowers in my mouth for a good six hours. I was also convinced I had poisoned myself.

K love you bye!