My Best Hair Ever with Formulate.

I have never been the kind of person to do much with my hair. I wake up, wash it (albeit I now wash it way less thanks to the well needed advice of my hairstylist), and go. It’s not fancy, I rarely spend a lot of money on it, and I mostly let it do it’s thing.

Formulate co hair

But lately it’s gotten very long and Formulate decided to help me out.

They sent me my own personalized shampoo + conditioner set. Full disclosure: I was skeptical. I mean, how different can shampoos be from one another? It just cleans your hair, right?
I am willing to accept my wrongs.
My hair was noticeably different. Soft, glossier, and way smoother. Also it’s grown crazy fast. I’m getting “your hair is so long!” comments on the daily LOL.



The texture of the product at first shocked me, because my blend felt way thinner than what I usually use. But I stuck with it and the results are there, which left me shook.

Plus, the two bottles come in a dreamy package with a cute infographic on exactly what is in your blend, how it helps you, and what your specific hair needs are. And they are paraben, sulfate, preservative, and cruelty free.

So, my honest review: Buy it if you’re not currently happy with any of the haircare products you’ve been trying, and if you have some extra money to spend!