Hi Copenhagen!


I have family in Denmark that I never get to see, so when planning our London trip we decided to stop by Copenhagen before our final destination. I am so happy we did. 

We spent a few days there and it was stunning! So here, in super efficient bullet points, is what I did/recommend in Copenhagen.  

- The Little Mermaid
Is it smaller than you'd expect? Yeah. Is it crowded? Of course! Is it somewhere you need to go? Yes!! Not only is the statue itself rich in history, the area around it is breathtaking. 

My Mum looking stunning in Amalienborg 

My Mum looking stunning in Amalienborg 

- Amalienborg
Amalienborg is the home of the royal family and it is stunning! I love the open space for admiring the architecture, taking a break from all the walking, or taking pictures. 

- Nyhavn
Just the cutest place to walk, people watch, and admire the stunning 17th century architecture. 

- Kafferiet
A sweet place to grab a cup of coffee! And it's close to the little mermaid, perfect for a break from all the walking. 


- Islands Brygge Harbour Bath
It was the strangest thing- we were biking by the river when I saw public pools with people actually playing in the water. In the middle of the city. It was not warm, but my grandma told me that whenever the sun is out Danish people relish in it. So if you're up for a dip in cold water with an amazing view of the city's skyline, there you go! 


- Vesterbro
Named one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world, you need to visit Vesterbro. My aunt happens to live there which is amazing because I PRETENDED LIKE I WAS A COOL DANISH LOCAL! That is, until I tried to order coffee at Enghave Kaffe and my danish gave me away. 


- Ride a bike! 
I can't stress how bike friendly Denmark is- even the public transportation has spots for your bike. Bicycles will probably be the first thing you see when you arrive. They're everywhere and it's the most charming thing. I hadn't ridden a bike in years, but when I saw my light blue ride I knew I had to give it a try. It's a bit stressful, hauling around a bike if you're not used to it, but you'll get the hang of it and explore way more. 

- It might (will definitely) get cold.
We visited in the Summer and even then I carried around a leather jacket. Don't underestimate the danish weather!!! (Do enjoy a cup of coffee with the cool breeze though)

- Learn how to pronounce hygge correctly.
"hoo-gah." And enjoy it. 

More pics below! A huge thank you to my family for being amazing hosts and welcoming my mum and I with open arms!
Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen any time soon? Let me know!
Much love,