The Denim Top.

Oh, denim. I love you. I love you so, so much. 

The denim top has now become the staple of any well-rounded wardrobe. I used to shun denim on denim- it gave me flashbacks of this iconic (and traumatizing) moment in the 2000's. 

But now it's kind of all I wear and I have the receipts to prove it. I own about five denim tops, ranging from super oversized to fitted to cropped. My favorite is, by far, the oversized denim top. It's just so versatile!! So here: Four different ways to style your denim top. Don't have one? I think I can help you. 

1. Roll it!!! 

Grab your denim top, button just the two middle buttons. Pull it to the side to give an off the shoulder look, and then tie it together in a disheveled/cute knot. 

2. Issa cape

Just drape your oversized denim over any outfit. It'll instantly give your outfit some edginess. 

3. Tongue Tied.


Tie it around your waist for a super flattering silhouette + cool layer to add onto your already cool outfit. Plus, this works on almost any outfit (see below.)


4. Wear It

Grab a fitted denim top and see how your life starts to change. Suddenly the oversized sleeves won't accidentally dip into your coffee, your cute figure will be shown off, and you'll look like you own J Crew. 


Grab a cute denim top below, including some wild cards (Embroidered denim! Printed! Ripped! Giraffes! Get crazy!)