Hello everyone! 

Lately I've been saving up for a special trip (more on that later) so I haven't been able to frivolously throw money at whatever clothes/shoes/makeup/skincare seems pretty to me :( I know, so sad! Instead of lighting my bank account on fire, I have decided to share the things I am loving from afar. You're welcome. 

1. Carnivore 

Carnivore is a clothing brand specializing in handmade handbags and accessories. I'm in love with their "monster bag", seen here worn by artist Ava Hovanka. She and the bag are both infinitely cool. 

2. Silvia Tcherassi 

There I was, flipping through the internet like the millennial that I am, when I stumbled upon Silvia Tcherassi's designs. I started crying (actually crying) because I can't afford a $3,000 dress. AND SHE'S COLOMBIAN!

3. Malababa

I'm currently crushing on Malababa's clutches- specifically their stunning triangle clutch in white. Give me. 

4. Charlotte Olympia

Will I ever be satisfied until I get a pair of fruit-ridden canvas slippers? Probably. But I'd still like these shoes. 

5. Sparkle

Yes I know it's Summer but I still feel defeated by the socks and sandals trend. I have never done it. Pitiful, I know. If I were to jump in now (I won't, because it's Summer and I love myself) I'd start with these sparkly anklet socks I've been eyeing for six months now. You might say "Nikka that's only $12." To that I say: Yes, $12 I'm tucking away into my savings account. 

Those are this week's wants. Who else is trying to be frugal with me? Please someone join in because I find myself constantly questioning why things cost money.