A little bit of News


As the title says, I have a little bit of *reporter voice* News. 
Last week we didn't post new inventory :( I know, I'm sorry! This is due to:

1. I had two auditions at the start of the week and I decided to just throw myself into that and do my absolute best instead of stress myself out trying to do everything. Yay for healthy choices! 

2. Starting now we'll be posting inventory once a week for the Summer. We're working on a ton of exciting things for My Closet etc and we'll be traveling (I'll reveal where to this week!!) so it makes sense to make room for adventure, relaxation, and a bit of rest from the usual schedule of two days a week. It might not seem like it, but it's a lot of work! If you're sad about this, I'm with you :(  Regularly scheduled programming will return come August. 

Whenever I say "we" this is what I mean! My Mami and I

Whenever I say "we" this is what I mean! My Mami and I

Please don't be mad!!! We thought about this for quite a bit and we wanna bring you gorgeous stuff consistently, which sometimes means taking a breather. 

If you're still like "I need clothes NOW", here are some of my favorite picks that are on the site ready to dive into your wardrobe <3 

Much love,