A Cat Cafe?! For Me?!

Two months ago, my friend Taylor went to Africa to play with lions for three weeks. She left me her little lion, Babayega, a cute black cat she recently rescued. And I fell in love.

I had never even pet a cat until then and now I'm forever changed!!! I shamelessly look up cat videos. I talk about Babayega more than I talk about my boyfriend sometimes. Sadly, however, I'm not in a place to adopt a cat of my own just yet. Here's where Java Cats Cafe comes in. Taylor and I were texting about cats (as one does) when she told me about this cat cafe in Atlanta. 

It's adorable. It's near the Octane by Grant Park, like on the same street. It just opened!! The place is sweetly split in half, with one area being the coffee counter and a bunch of Instagram-worthy seating, and the other area being a cat haven where they can play and you can love on them. It's a nice space and there's even a table you can snag inside with the cats, so you can hang with your friends, pet cats, and drink coffee at the same time. 

Also, the cats at Java Cats Cafe are available for adoption. It's just precious. Since their opening about a month ago, twenty cats have found homes. Go. Thank me later.