A Day Trip.

Caleb's 21st birthday is coming up so we decided to drive up to Chattanooga, one of our favorite little places to relax, eat, and drink lots of coffee. It's only an hour and a half away, perfect for a day trip. 

We started early in the morning and drove up to Rock City. It's $20 per person, which felt kind of pricey but I think it's something to check out at least once. We marveled at the view and the fresh air, plus the deer!!! The highlight of Rock City, however, was the "raptor show." A sweet couple talked us through what I thought was going to be a boring show for kids (it wasn't). We got to see up close (like to the point where I was backing away) owls, falcons, eagles, and even vultures. I personally love animals and learning about how perfectly made they are is awe inspiring. Also, all the birds in the show aren't able to be released back into the wild, which made me feel better, knowing they're not being held in captivity for no reason.

After, we went to Rembrandt Coffee House in downtown Chattanooga which is one of my favorites. It's so pretty and the pastries are incredible. You can't miss it. 

Driving back, we stopped by the Rock Garden in Calhoun, GA. I can't even explain how peaceful this place is. It has a certain air to it, it's such a calming space. It's a garden of sculptures made of pebbles, shells, rocks, and other things. It's intricately made and  free!! (Donations are encouraged) Find it behind the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Calhoun with a sign that says "enter at your own risk" that isn't the least bit scary, especially since the place was deserted. (It was but we survived.)

We got home at around 4:30, so not bad for a mini roadtrip. And then we went and got more coffee. Do you think we have a problem?
Much love,