10 Healthy (Or Desperate) Ways to Wake Up Early

Why can't I wake up early? 
It's a question that plagues me every single day. 
So here's me presenting to you healthy (desperate) tips for waking up early. Enjoy! And don't take them seriously! 

1. Spray Yourself.

I have a facial mist from Little Barn Apothecary that I was gonna use as a toner until I realized I just liked spraying it (my toners need to sting or else they're not working according to me.) So now, in an effort to wake up fresh and dewy I spray facial mist on the moment I wake up, like a pet owner spraying it's rebellious cat with water. It works when I remember to do it. 

2. Visualization.

This works great, though I wake up with anxiety. Before I go to sleep I tell my brain "you're waking up early no matter what ok?" And then I visualize myself waking up early. This worked extremely well one night when I dreamt I had slept in and not gone to the gym, and the entire day was ruined because of it. I woke up in a cold sweat at 4 am ready to put my running shoes on. 

3. Sleep

We have a lovely neighbor downstairs who has complained multiple times that we're too loud. She says (specifically) "from the hours of 10 pm to 11 pm I can't sleep at all." When asked why she said "too much walking." Well, in an effort to appease her one night I forced myself to go to sleep at 10:15. It felt amazing. I woke up early no problem, no spray required. 

4. Alarmed

I've been trying out sleep apps for a little bit and I think they actually work. Sleep Cycle is supposed to nudge me out of sleep "gently" at my lightest sleep cycle. It's a more calming way to wake up and I'm not as grumpy, but I still sometimes sleep through it. Alarmy makes me take a picture of something specific or else it won't shut up. Alarmy has been more effective, but then again I wake up with anxiety and have ended up taking the picture and going straight to bed. Try it though!

5. Dog

Adopt a dog. Is this a bit drastic? Maybe, but if you're desperate like me you might just go for it! A dog will force you to get up early. Plus sloppy wet kisses in the mornings. 

6. Planner

Plan something fun in the morning. Whether it be a bit of treasured alone time, coffee, or a nice breakfast before work, make early mornings something you look forward to. 

7. Accountability 

Have a friend who's an early riser text you every morning for a few weeks right around your wake up time. Let the fear of letting her down drive you. Give her your Instagram password and if you don't get up she'll dm your ex from your account. For every time you hit snooze you owe her a coffee. She gets to steal a cute piece of clothing from your closet if you don't comply. The (punishments) possibilities are endless. 

8. Icy

Have a bucket of ice water prepped beside your bed. Ask your roommate/significant other/mom/friend to please pour it all over you if you don't wake up, like the ice bucket challenge. It's for a good cause!

9. Honestly?

10. I need a nap.