Zaful Review.

If you've been keeping up with this way I talk to myself and pretend it's normal blog, you probably noticed Zaful sent me some goodies the other day! Here they are, with my unbiased review.

This fleece coat is a dream. So comfy, goes with everything, and easy to throw on. 
It says all sizes, and I think it could probably go up to L or XL. I'm a medium or sometimes small and it fit me in the best oversized way possible. 

I wasn't expecting to love the choker as much as I did! I bought it on a whim because everyone is wearing chokers. I love it. It's thin, lightweight, and the print is stunning. 

I also got some embroidered jeans I was very excited about! Though I was careful about the sizing, I ended up ordering a size too small :( The jeans felt nice and the embroidery was well done, but I broke the zipper while trying to put it on so that wasn't happening. If you're ordering jeans I think order a size up. I'm dreaming up ways to turn this into something positive, so any crafty babes let me know what you would do in the comments! 

Bold earrings are about to be in and I'm relieved I decided to order these. They're so loud and intricate, which is exactly what I was looking for. Are they heavy? Yes, just like any other big thing hanging off your ear would be. They're so pretty and I loooove the way they frame my face. Big yes to these. 

Final review? I'm thrilled to say I loved it, especially for things like sweaters and jewelry. If you're particular about the way things fit you, maybe focus more on accessories, easy things like tops and sweaters, or measure yourself carefully. I'll be looking through their stuff for my Summer wardrobe. 

Much love,