Do you ever have those mornings when you look at your closet and find absolutely nothing to wear? Yes, you've got a bunch of options yet it feels like your wardrobe needs a bit of an upgrade. Don't immediately go shopping. I have a better solution for you. Ready?
Go on pinterest or wherever you look for style inspo and choose the specific clothes that you want. Whether it be a pair of bright pink heels or a plaid trench coat, let your imagination wander. Once you have that list, go forth and shop with those things in mind. That way you won't grab stuff you don't need (another grey v neck? really?) and you'll end up buying unique pieces that make you happy.

As you can see, still seeping in my winter style.

As you can see, still seeping in my winter style.

Stylewe's been helping me with my wardrobe conundrum. I'm always wary of online shopping in general, especially international orders, but as long as I measure myself correctly and pay attention to the sizing charts I'm good. They have so many options, which is why I feel like picking out your dream closet and trying to find similar looks works well with this site- there's so much to choose from. Also, their Stylewe Blog: Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look (I didn't know that I was supposed to let primer sit for three minutes oops) helped me with my makeup routine. 

So far I've been scouring the site for maxi dresses because whenever Summer comes it kind of sneaks up behind me and attacks while my style is still seeping in winter weather. This time, I'm determined to be prepared (with halter rompers included- did you know halter is coming back in style? It is.) 

What's your foolproof shopping technique? Any secrets on giving your wardrobe a makeover? Tell me!!!

Much love,