I'm always  the first to advocate for self love. I'm always the first to squawk "Believe in yourself! Love yourself!" to anyone who opens up to me. And that's great. 

But lately I haven't been practicing it. It's been a weird and wonderful couple of weeks and I've been struggling with self doubt. It's strange because I'm in a moment in my life where I should be confident, in fact I need to be in order to move forward. But I have this weight on me that stops that motivation, it stops me from believing in myself. As with most situations, I had to get a metaphorical slap in the face, this time from my mum, who is always the tough love/"girl you know you need to hear this" voice of reason I need. 

I think the weight I'm carrying is worry. Life isn't always easy, and I've been facing a lot of changes and challenges. Some are in my hands while some are so far away from anything I can do about them I kind of just look and go "Hmm. Well I can't do anything but I'll still worry." How ridiculous is that?! It's a waste of time and my brain apparently loves to do it. I've been fighting it with lots of faith and to do lists. 

coping with coffee lol 

coping with coffee lol 

I haven't completely figured it out, but I have realized that under appreciation is something dangerous and often not talked about. When we undermine our own talents, abilities, and potential, we become the blockers of opportunity. We stop ourselves from thriving. There's no one else to blame but ourselves. 

I've previously written about being your number one fan and about being gentle to yourself. As I learn to be kinder to myself, I'm also reminded to believe in myself more than anyone else. I've decided to commit to the truth that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I've been created for amazing things. I know things will work out. I know doubt does nothing but steal my peace and joy. It's the same for you too. I hope you know how talented and incredible you are- once you harness that truth and live in it you won't be stopped. 

Much love, Nikka