Hey guys!

Weird things happen every day. Caterpillars turn to butterflies and I yet again have not been invited to NYFW (weird, amiright?)

Another weird thing? I was contacted by a hair company (hi Schwarzkopf!) to try out their products. Because they liked my hair. Let me tell you, this mane on my head is literally just God's work. I've never been good with hair, I didn't learn how to do a braid until the ripe age of 18. I can't fishtail, I can't do a dutch braid, and I most definitely cannot do a blowout. Women who style their hair every day frighten me (in a good way.) They're like beautiful, magical unicorns and I'm the donkey that carries their stuff. 

That being said, I tried two things: Omega Repair 60 Second Hair Mask and Styliste Biotin Ultime Volume + Texturizing powder. 

I threw this powder on my hair after not washing it for a day- no I didn't mistake it for dry shampoo, I just... ran out of dry shampoo. Oops. Regardless of why I threw it on, I was impressed. It gave me this nice, piece-y feeling that's hard to mimic on my hair. It had more texture, volume, and hold. It's hard to get piece-y hair, especially when it's clean (I tried it again today, on actually clean hair, it was wonderful) so I'm super happy with this product! It makes me look like I'm messy on purpose. I'm not.

The hair mask was a dream. My hair gets so dry in the winter, and I haven't done a hair mask in forever. Though it instructs to do in the shower, on wet hair, I am a six year old who blatantly ignores basic instructions. So I put it on for ten minutes on dry hair, then washed it off. It smells magical, like what you'd imagine clean cotton candy to smell like... It's sweet, but not over the top. It'll make people say "you smell amazing." 

These products are worth checking out- especially that texturizing powder. Super excited with what Schwarzkopf dreams up next! 

Much love, Nikka