The Ideal NYE.

NYE has always been kind of weird for me. If a new year represents change for the better- a fresh start, why do I stay up till 12 am, overeat, and then fall asleep only to wake up the next day at 10 am on January 1st bloated, thirsty, and tired?

My ideal New Year's Eve would involve lots of blankets, list-making and goal-planning, candles, my friend's cute cat (that I want to adopt), my family, and a bedtime of 10 pm so I can start my year off well rested (and ready for the gym at 7 am.) 


I was mulling this over as people started asking me what I'd be doing for NYE. Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of going out, spending money, staying up late, and having my feet pinched by stilettos till 1 am? So I conducted a series of interviews. Very formal. 

Brandi, 20.
"I'd want something quiet, comfy, personal. I'd never see the ball drop- just bringing in the new year with the people you love. Wait, are you typing what I'm saying?"

Gloria, 22.
"My perfect NYE would be somewhere fun, London, LA, New Orleans- not a thousand dollars to do it... A rooftop, drinks, great finger foods, champagne, a lovely kiss at the end... just the usual."
Yeah Gloria, "the usual"

Trey, 22.
"Every NYE I always get disappointed, I always expect it to be this grandiose thing and then it's like "oh.. that's it."" 
"But what's your ideal NYE???????"
"Getting like 20 or 30 of my closest friends in a cabin, somewhere in the woods, or in the mountains, and having fun in the cabin."
"That sounds like a murder movie."

Anthony, 50-something
"My wife and I will throw a party, have around 30-50 friends over- there's nothing more special than that. We all drink. We're pretty particular about drinking. We have a big new year's morning brunch to start the new year. It's tradition now. Everyone brings dishes and mimosas, of course." 
"I'm going to steal that New Year's brunch tradition." 

Christal, 22.
*holding a cup of tea to her face*
"Cocktails, good friends, bumping music, and a confetti canon... Papa John, THE Papa John, coming out of the side door, with a sign that says "Papa Johns""
"You don't even drink pizza"
"Well, you don't drink piz-"
"Ok but"
"It's all about PJ"

Taylor, 27
"Sleep in, some time for setting New Year's goals, lunch with buddies and my wife, good Football, celebrating with friends, good food, drinks, just a small party. Maybe some tunes. Wait, I don't care about tunes that much. Card games! Yes. My wife doesn't like them, she's a sore loser."
"What about your baby?"

Corey, 29, married father of one.
"Sh*t faced." 
His words, not mine!!

How are you planning on bringing in the new year?