What To Gift This Year

Hi everyone! 

Gift giving ideas

Did you know it's only 7 days till Christmas? Probably less by the time you'll actually get to read this. Guess who hasn't done any holiday shopping? Me!! Here's a quick, scattered, and desperate holiday gift list from a millennial who has decided to spend no less than $20 per gift. You're welcome.

For your Coworkers:

What I did (sorry, dear coworkers, for the lack of surprise if you're reading this) was buy each person a sticker that has like a little inside joke from Society 6. I love this idea because it's personal and cost effective- I was initially going to do a notebook for each but it came out to be way too pricey. Also, they're currently running deals like free shipping and 25% off everything so hurry and grab something completely original and fun! 

I like the idea of choosing gifts based on personalities or inside jokes, so you could do the same with candles, chocolates, etc.
Example: Hi Jeff! I got you this charcoal obsidian candle because it is terrifying yet mysterious, just like you! 

For Your Guy:


Shopping for guys is always so hard, amirite? JK my boyfriend is the most spoiled man who loves, loves, loves getting stuff. He talks about the random things he wants on a constant basis so it's easy to grab him something. Some cool ideas if your man isn't so vocal: 
1. Movie Pass. If he likes going to the movies this is an inexpensive no brainer. For three months he'll be able to go to the movies every day for FREE! (Because you paid 29.95.)
2. A nice watch. Classy, beautiful watches are something guys seem to love (not sure why but whatever. I guess it's like shoes or earrings for us.) I've had a great experience with Invicta and Fossil. Use Amazon for shipping ASAP.
3. Nikes. I have a tradition with Caleb where I get him a pair of Nikes every year. He literally wears them almost every day, loves them, and when he thinks of running away from me he looks down at his footwear and is reminded that if he holds on till Christmas he'll get another pair of cool sneakers. Jk. 
4. Hats. Beanies, baseball caps, even wide brim indie lead singer hats! Honestly hats are a great, safe bet and they make any guy look stylish. There's this one hat brand I'm dreaming of if you wanna go LEGIT, and there's another if you're like Amazon is way faster. 
5. Cologne. OMG there's nothing like when your boo smells good and is wearing that hat you gave him last Christmas and hasn't said anything annoying yet. CK One is what I'm loving right now. 

IMG_2272 3.JPG

For your BFF:
1. A book to remind her how loved and amazing she is. Guess what it's called. Guess! It's our book, First Love, which I 100% vouch for as a great gift. Ready to ship in 1 day. 
2. Cherry Earrings. Someone please get these they're so cute!!!!!!!!!! She will cry kawaii tears. 
3. When I was in NY I stumbled upon this gorgeous Brooklyn- based soap company. Their soaps are STUNNING and they gave me a hand massage and it was incredible. I highly recommend.  
4. A denim package. If you have a friend who is as obsessed with denim as I am, might I recommend a big box full of denim stuff? Denim jackets, denim tops, denim everything? With a note written in leftover denim fabric? Ready to ship in 1 day. 

For your Mami:
1. If your Mum is as travel-inclined as mine, a cute passport holder makes a perfect gift. 
2. A car detailing. Whether it be a Groupon or a gift card from your closest auto spa, there's something amazing about a spotless car that you didn't have to do any work for. Your Mum will appreciate it. 
3. A crock pot. My friend Taylor got my Mum a crock pot last year and she SCREAMED. I had never seen her so excited. 
4. Booties. Get your Mum some nice booties. Mums never treat themselves, so grab her something she'd never buy herself. I'd recommend Steve Madden booties, Aldo (for gorgeous minimalism), or Shop Gorgigi. 
5. Some really GOOD candles. There were lots to choose from this list, so here's the entire list. Maybe buy all of them and let me know how it goes. 

Random (but COOL) Other Gifts:
1. I know you know someone who's obsessed w/ Giraffes/Africa/loves safaris. (Ready to be shipped in 1 day!)
2. HIGHLY recommend for friends w/ cats. Please take pictures and send them to me.
3. For the guy in your life obsessed with John Wick

Hopefully this little gift guide helped! Let me know what you're getting friends and family (or yourself) in the comments.