Shop Small.

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Black Friday is here and as much as I love good deals, I've been trying to remind myself lately of the power I have as a consumer. Where I spend my money and what businesses I support says a lot about who I am, which is why I'm working on intentionally seeking out amazing small businesses when looking for certain things- like shoes, for example. I've been looking for the perfect mules and if you have any small biz recommendations I would be so very grateful. So below: Five small businesses to support in the coming days!!

1. Who wouldn't appreciate some cute art? Christmas shopping starts today. 

2. Owned by Denequa Williams who makes lit lit lit candles and is such a boss babe. Also based in Brooklyn so you know it'll give you cool girl points.  

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3. I have been stalking Simply Curated's feed for quite some time and I'm running low on candles so... Hello, Coconut Shea soy candle. (Lots of candles in this post)

4. I know for a FACT I will be buying these come Friday. Minimalist mules, 50% off, from a small business? Where's my credit card. 

5. I have a sushi phone case. If you think I'm not buying these socks for me and Caleb (to match!!) then you don't know me well enough.

6. Africa Miranda is maybe the sweetest person I've ever met- she's genuine, kind, and about her business. Her facial elixir is literally dreamy and very instagrammable. 

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7. I have raved about these soaps and I'm still using them (they last for a loooong time.) They smell INCREDIBLE and are such cute Christmas presents (or stocking stuffers if your family is fancy like that.) 

8. If you don't know what to get the guys in your life, leather wallets are always a safe (and classy tbh) option. I'm getting Caleb (who's hopefully not reading this) this one and I'm super excited because he'll finally stop using a binder clip for his cash. 

9. I'm obsessed with the packaging and the price. Plus the name. And apparently it gives you dreamy hair with organic, real ingredients. YES. 

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10. I will GLOW this season with this moisturizing highlighter. And on top of that they're doing holiday sales (25% off the entire store on Black Friday!!) 

11. You already knew this was coming, but here it is! These are my favorite picks this week and you should shop My Closet etc cause we put so much heart into this (and for FREE shipping with code FREE)