An Argument For Walking.

Walkable city

So as everyone probably already knows, I went to London for the Summer. (Yeah I'll NEVER stop talking about it sorry!) Anyways, I noticed something so interesting when I got back.. I literally don't walk at all in the U.S. 

I walked everywhere in London. Whenever I needed to go somewhere I'd walk. And I didn't realize how NICE it was until I got back. Here in Atlanta you can't function without a car- there's no way around it. I don't live in a particularly pedestrian friendly area like Cabbagetown or Ponce, but I have an LA Fitness that's just a ten minute walk away, a Kroger that's also just ten minutes, and quite a few restaurants and coffee shops that are a fifteen minute walk away. Why then, had it never occurred to me to pick my body up and walk with my legs instead of waste gas by driving there?

My brother, who just started at Georgia State (GOPANTHERS) has started using Marta and is walking everywhere and I am almost comically inspired- it's like I just found out that these legs can do more than look cute in high waisted jeans and drive. They themselves can take me places! What a concept! 

Atlanta belt line

I've been walking more and more and LOVE IT SO MUCH. The fresh air, the music blasting in my headphones. It's so peaceful to just walk and take in the environment around me. Granted I am like the only one walking so it's kind of weird because cars zoom by (they're not used to pedestrians) but I'm still powering through and telling myself I am starting the revolution. The walking revolution. Try it today.