Zaful Review 3.

Zaful has spoiled me rotten and sent me sweaters + pants to kickstart Fall (even though it's still super hot in Atlanta.) 

IMG_8203 2.JPG

I got a gorgeous soft blush pink sweater, a brown cutout sweater with an embroidered rose, and these EMBROIDERED JEANS THAT I LOVE SO, SO MUCH.
Yes, I know I said I would never order jeans from them again because of my giant butt BUT I gave it a chance and let me tell you. My new favorite jeans, for real. 


Here are some pics + detailed reviews, cause I gotchu like that. 


Embroidered Jeans
Like I said, I took a leap of faith when ordering these. The last jeans I bought were way too small, but I sized way up (WAY UP) and they fit WONDERFULLY. I am obsessed, the quality is great, and they were so worth the risk. Also they're not super skinny, instead they're looser and a bit more tapered which is exactly what I was looking for. Wearing them all the time, every day. 


Pink Sweater

I CAN'T STOP WEARING THIS SWEATER. So soft, I love that the little holes in it make for the perfect sweater to wear with a cute bralette. When it arrived it smelled mkind of weird (? idk) BUT I washed it and I love it now. I've worn it three days in a row. I'm not taking it off. 

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IMG_8170 2.JPG
IMG_8169 2.JPG

Embroidered Rose

This sweater has zipper details and a super cute embroidered rose, plus a very cool neckline. It is soft, and more fitted than what I usually wear which I love for variety.