January Favorites

Hey babe!

As January 2017 comes to a close (!!!), I've discovered some fun new things I need to share. It's been an awesome month of goal setting and risk taking. 

Ripped up and happy
Because of Atlanta's crazy weather, not only have I been layering a ton (it's snowing one day, the next it's sunny and 70 degrees), I've also been ripping up my jeans. I don't know if it's my suppressed teenage desire to rebel against a perfectly fine pair of jeans, but I've already torn up two and I plan on extending my repertoire. 


Natural nails
Having pretty nails at all times is something surprisingly important to me. I just feel like my life is a bit more together when they're looking polished and beautiful. I tried SNS this month and here's my verdict: If you have strong nails that grow to the length you love, don't do it. The process of removal was just painful! They ripped the polish off and it left my nails feeling frail. I'd rather wait until they grow and apply a clear coat of nail strengthener in the meantime.

Colorful booties
I know you cherish your black booties and take care of them the way you'd take care of a newborn kitten. But everyone wears black boots, and we need to switch it up! Cue different, interesting booties. I have a pair of faux snakeskin plum booties I'm in love with and some cheetah print open toe booties you'd have to snatch off my cold, dead hands. I honestly didn't think I'd wear the plum booties as much as I do but they just work. Don't be scared to add some color in your life! 

Bold rings
There's something beautiful about pairing a simple outfit with a cacophony of rings. I love just adding on as many as possible, making sure that each one has at least one color of similarity or that at least they're silver or gold based. Then again sometimes I just pile them on and go. It's freeing, beautiful, and it's always fun to receive a compliment on something you totally forgot you were even wearing. 

Blue Like Jazz
I'm getting back into reading and I started with Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." It came highly recommended and I've been reading non stop. It's refreshing, clever, and makes you think. 

Blossom's lip glosses infused with real flowers smell amazing and are surprisingly moisturizing. They take me back to a time where I would layer my lips with so much gloss it'd be dripping- that was the look. Now, it's not as sparkly but still present, and I'm still just as in love with it. 

If you're in Atlanta, go to "Bubble Cafe." I actually kind of regret sharing this because it's such a lowkey, calm place with stellar boba tea and coffee. It's amazing if you just need to go somewhere and focus. I've been trying to go less because my money is basically running away from me and straight to this little shop but it's so hard! Maybe I'll see you there next time ;) 


Those are a few of the things I loved this month. What did you discover? Let me know!
Much love,