Capes in the Summer

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Hello babes! 
I'm back and ready to complain about this Summer heat. I know I say I love Summer and all but... I love it in a superficial way. Fall is my main bae. I've been itching for Fall so I decided to throw on some black skinnies and a cape this morning for a My Closet etc. meeting at Revelator Coffee. Did I sweat profusely? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes! 

Throwing on a jacket and calling it a "cape" is an easy way to up the elegance of your outfit. I also added some heels I'd never worn before and loved them! They're so frilly and perfect for a minimalist outfit. Were they a little "extra" for a simple meeting? Yes, but isn't that the fun of fashion? Get extra! 

Much love, Nikka 

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