Another Reason to Love Coffee

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Happy Friday babes! 
It's the end of the week which means more time for pampering your gorgeous self. 
I'm Colombian, which  means I've had coffee running in my system since my first sip at eight years old. It's a huge part of Colombia's culture and though I don't drink it as often as most of my family does, I have my own little tradition that's between me and my morning cup (should I share the recipe?) 
I also love using coffee in my beauty routine, and here's a few of the things I've tried and loved. Make sure that the coffee you're using is maximum two days old! 

- Exfoliant
Used coffee grounds work wonders as an exfoliant. I mix it with coconut oil and scrub it all over my body and legs (really good for cellulite.) 
If you have dry skin this is a great way to exfoliate, apply coconut oil on your face and then add the coffee grounds around your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Don't get too close to your eye area because it's delicate skin that wrinkles easily, especially if you're scrubbing it with rough coffee grounds. 
Scrub softly and rinse it off. Make sure you either use a small amount or pick up the coffee grounds after and dispose them (they clog drains.) 

- Mask
I love using coffee grounds as a mask because the caffeine stimulates circulation,making skin brighter and healthier. Just apply a very light layer of yogurt, coconut oil, or actual moisturizer and then put the coffee on top. Leave it on for 8-10 min, then rinse it off.

- Hair Color
Whenever I brew too much coffee I apply it on my hair along with conditioner to soak for a few minutes. It brings out my brunette hues.

- Under eye Treatment
I used to place coffee grounds under my eyes to minimize bags but they were way too rough for my skin. So I ended up freezing any extra coffee into ice cubes and applying it whenever my eyes need a caffeine boost. Gently rub the ice cubes under your eyes for a few minutes and  then rinse it off. 

I have it too close here guys! I just did it for the gram lol 

Those are just a few ways to fall even deeper in love with coffee! 
Much love,