Haul + Try On + Life Update

Hey babes! 
Do you ever look at some of the dresses on the site and say "wow I love this… but what would it look like on an actual human"? 
Well today's your lucky day! I made a video just for you where I show you a few of my favorite My Closet etc. dresses and actually try them on. Yay! Check it out below and let me know if there are any other pieces you'd like to see me do this with. 
Much love, 

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If there had to be a definition for Parisian chic street style, this, worn with nude flats, would make the cut. It gently hugs your waist yet flows down flirtily, giving you a flounce in your step. The sheer sleeves are cute and the shape of the dress is flattering. Yet unlike many of these types of dresses, it has fabric under it as well, providing a tad bit of thickness and support to the otherwise springy piece. The shape works on almost any figure. The only thing to make this dress even more understatedly chic is a baguette. Because that's very french. Right?

Check it out in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srEe4CTQhzQ

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