A Foodie in New York

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I'm in New York! It's been incredible exploring the city and visiting my dreamy boyfriend (heart eyes.) But one of my favorite parts has been eating my little heart out.

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1. X'ian Famous Foods
This Chinese restaurant boasts seven locations all throughout New York. Don't be intimidated. The flavors are authentic and the shop is unpretentious, with an impressive array of choices. I had the Mount Qi Vegetable Noodles in Soup, my lovely Mami had Concubine's Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles and Caleb had Spicy Hot Oil Seared Noodles. Everything was amazing, but my favorite was my Mami's, it was the perfect blend of savory and spicy. 

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2. Caffe Bene
Maybe this is something everyone knows about and I'm just not in the know but we stumbled into Caffe Bene while on our way to the financial district. It has a few creative drinks and snacks but more importantly, the coffee and pastries are good- like, really good. So if you're on the go and need a quick bite, they've got three locations that aren't hard to find. 

3. Black Tap Milkshakes
Yes, the wait for these legendary milkshakes is long (we waited an hour and a half.) Is it worth it? YES. Aside from the shakes being crazy gorgeous, they're also crazy good. I ordered the cotton candy strawberry milkshake, my Mami got the coffee shake, and Caleb got the caramel shake. Although the cotton candy shake was incredible and obviously insta-worthy, our favorite was the coffee shake, which didn't feel like chugging sugar but instead had delicious flavor that was just the right size. 

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4. Sake Bar Hagi
Caleb and I went to see the view from the Rockefeller building and we stayed as late as possible, he's absolutely in love with skylines. By 12 am we were starving and surprisingly most restaurants in New York close at 9 or 11. I know right! As we were hunting for a place to eat we came across Sake Bar Hagi. I love any type of Asian food so it was perfect for me, plus the late hours (5pm-3am) made for a lively crowd and a super fun night. 

Don Café, click to enlarge. 

5. Street Food
Gyros. Smoothies. Coffee. Hot Dogs. One thing I loved about New York is the fact that food was literally everywhere. As you can see from this post, I love food. I highly recommend the chicken gyros with the white sauce and the smoothies (the piña colada one was magnificent.) One spot that I fell in love with was Don Café, a cute food truck built into a Jeep Wrangler that sells genuine  Colombian coffee. It's located in Central Park and sipping on iced coffee while laying on the grass was dreamy.