My Favorite 5: Colombia

I just came back from Colombia and it was amazing! I loved visiting my country and gaining inspiration from everything around me. While I was in Colombia, I bought five things I can't get enough of- so much that I need to tell the entire internet because it's just that great. So here it goes!

My beaded necklace featuring Colombian rings. Click to expand.

Click to expand.

1. Statement necklace
From traditional Wayuu "mochilas" (the Wayuu are the largest indigenous group in Colombia) to handmade rings that last years, Colombia is a land of creativity and art. If you're in Bogotá I cannot say this enough: Go to Usaquén. It's a beautiful area that has colonial architecture and one of the largest flea markets of Colombia on Sundays. Don't miss it! It's where I get almost all my jewelry, including this gorgeous beaded necklace. It's so intricate and unique, handmade by Colombian artisans. 

2. Beauty Treatments
Because the dollar is super strong right now against the Colombian peso, your dollars will last in Colombia. Not only are beauty treatments already inexpensive in Colombia, add the fact that you'll be paying in dollars when you visit and you'll be getting massages for $20, manicures for $10, and haircuts for $15. This is not a drill. I got a massage and facial at a place I've been going to for years called "Armonía", it's a small spa in Bucaramanga, the ladies are so nice (and so good at what they do!) If you're not in Bucaramanga, don't worry. Colombia has many spas and beauty parlors to choose from- ask a local or contact me!  

I got rose gold, mint green, and gold. Click to expand.

3. Nail Polish
This might seem weird but nail polish in Colombia is super inexpensive and great quality! I'm loving my three new nail polishes that I got, which are from "Vogue" and were buy two get one free. They have so many colors it was hard to choose just three, and you can find them in almost any big supermarket in Colombia. I don't know how I didn't just buy hundreds and stuff them in my suitcase.

Wearing my super cute brallette. Clcik to expand. 

4. Bras + Underwear
Colombia has my favorite underwear brand of all time- Punto Blanco and gef. I was itching to get my hands on a brallette but decided to wait until I visited these stores because I knew there'd be cute ones and at much better prices- thankfully, there were! I got a gorgeous black one, a simple and super comfy white bra, and I stocked up on Punto Blanco's underwear because it is out of this world comfortable. So yeah, now you guys know what I'm wearing underneath it all. #Themoreyouknow. 

The ring in the middle is my new ring! Click to expand.

5. Rings from "Diazgranados de Autor"
These rings are probably my favorite on the planet. Remember the handmade rings I talked about in #1? These are it! My Mami's have lasted her seven years, and each of them are handmade with love and creativity. You can find them in Usaquén, and they range from $3-$20, depending on what you get (this is after I converted the prices from pesos to dollars.) I love my sea blue ring, and I also have two others I can't get enough of!