Skinny Coffee Club

Hi loves!

Skinny Coffee Club recently sent me some of their dreamy coffee and now that I've tasted it I can give my honest opinion.
I surprisingly liked it. 
Here's why I say surprisingly: I used to think Instagram trends like skinny/fit teas and coffees seemed too good to be true. Couple that with the fact that every single person who posts about it looks like they jumped out of a magazine and you've got skeptics like me rolling their eyes. 

When skinny coffee club reached out to me I was like ??? Me?? I don't have abs that could rival The Rock's and I definitely have thick thighs (hello, Colombian roots!)

The first thing people ask me is does it taste like coffee. I have my coffee black and it tastes like a yummy blend of coffee and a slight herbal or tea-like taste. It tasted good and that actually makes the flavor more interesting. I'd describe it as a light roast coffee. I love that there's no bitter coffee aftertaste, which even with some regular coffees is a problem if you like to take your time with your coffee. If anyone wants to tell me why coffee gets bitter so quickly in the comments I'd love to know LOL. 

I'm not looking to lose weight, so my priorities are energy and bloating. By the end of the day I feel lethargic and bleh, so I tried it in the morning one week and then mid afternoon the next. It energized me and made me feel full, which is good because my stomach is a hungry monster who's never satisfied. And no, I didn't have to go to the bathroom immediately (there aren't any laxatives in the coffee like there are in some other fit tea brands.) 

I love the packaging! It's pretty, pink, and portable. So portable I took it with me on a mountain getaway- very instagrammable. I'm so happy with it! 

Thank you Skinny Coffee Club for proving me wrong. Love u. 

If you want to try it let me hook you up with 20% off!!! NIKKA20 

Let me know what you guys think!
Much love,