Leopard Print + Shorts in December


It's December and I'm in shorts. I love warm weather and have always gotten lazy with style once temperatures drop so this random warmth is welcome (but weird.) I got some leopard print booties yesterday and I'm in love!!! I've never been one to wear leopard print but decided to get OVER it. It's just a print. Plus, baby steps. Maybe the next outfit I'll be wearing will be head to toe leopard, you never know. 

I also added a monochromatic look in olive. I've never done that before and I'm happy with the way this #ootd turned out, though my hair was a mess. Fun fact: The moment I saw the pics I booked a haircut appointment. The mane is way too long right now. I usually add an inspirational message in my posts but today I really just wanted to share this look with you guys! You know how sometimes you've got nothing? Like, all I can really tell you right now is KEEP GOING, cause that's how I'm feeling. Hopefully my creative/inspiring juices will be replenished for the next post. 

Let me know what you think!

Much love,