Your New Layering Buddy

Layering is hard. I've never been good at it. Instead I usually opt to wear something flimsy and freeze or throw on a heavy jacket and look like I'm hiding all my secrets under it. Not a great look. 


Lately, however, things have changed. I've found my new, easy-to-layer piece: Vests. You might think "vests? You mean those puffy, monogrammed things girls wear with riding boots and a simple sweater?" No. Not those kind of vests. Long, dramatic, bold vests that add an incredible amount of style to any look. Vests that make layering a breeze and still up your outfit by a LOT. The kind of vest you'd want to be wearing when you "casually" run into your ex. 

I've been playing around with different looks and my report is simple: They work so well. I'm beyond pleased. They can also double as a minimalist midi dress and won't add any bulky layers. Instead they always compliment what you're already wearing.

Here's a few ideas on how to style them from our January collection + a few foolproof vests I've fallen in love with!

Much love,