Soap For All


Skindulgences recently sent me soap and I didn't realize how much you could love soap until I tried theirs. Skindulgences believes in the "curative power of edible things" and I'm all for that- I love food. 

I unwrapped my soap from it's adorable packaging, got in the shower, and o...m...g...
I was sent the "brew bar", which is made of real coffee and other good for you things. It's bottom is made up of coffee grounds, and you know how much I love coffee (see here.) I had high expectations for this soap. Why would I buy this when I could just DIY coffee scrubs? 

All my doubts melted away the second I tried it. It smells like that magical moment when you walk into your favorite coffee shop as the morning light is pouring in and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air. It smells like the type of coffee you want to snuggle up with. This soap, I'm not kidding, significantly improved my morning and overall day.  

The coffee grounds are exfoliating but not harsh, and the moisturizing qualities shine through in how amazingly soft my skin felt. Coffee promotes circulation, brightens skin, and improves the appearance of cellulite, which ya girl needs since I've been eating so many cookies lately. I don't hype things up that aren't worth it, but I ran to my mother in a towel and started describing the perfection of this soap. 

They also have other types of soap that I already have in my cart like The Matcha Bar, Boba Soap, Dessert Bar, and more. I'm a money-savvy person (did you know Vaseline as eye cream works wonders? #ballinonabudget) but I fully believe that if something can make your morning ten times better, buy it. It's worth it. 

So friends, this is what I'll be getting you for Christmas. I need to order by Dec 15th to make sure it comes in time for Christmas! Use code NIKKA15 for 15% off your order. One of my goals this year is to support small businesses when gift shopping, and I think this is the perfect start. 

Thank you Skindulgences!!! 

Much love,