White After Labor Day

I bought my first pair of white jeans about a week ago. I know that might seem normal, but I never expected myself to wear white jeans. I always thought white jeans/pants were so preppy, reserved for, I don't know, people who vacation in lake houses? 
And suddenly I realized how ridiculous that is. Style is for everyone. The color white shouldn't be reserved for a specific season. And no color/dress shape/print looks bad on you, it's just what magazines or mean people told you. 


Asides from that little nugget of truth, I LOVE MY NEW BOOTS. Aren't they so cool? Paired with my awesome tote from the Travel Collection, I think it's a perfect combination of neutral + printed. 
nd yes, you can get your own tote just like that for only $15 here

Let's celebrate diversity in fashion and let's branch out! White after labor day. Mismatched prints. Over the top outfits. Express yourself babe! 

Much love,