Wow, 2016 is here and I have one word: Loved. 
I just finished volunteering (or as Passion City Church calls it, Door Holding) at the Passion Conference and I am blown away. This was the best weekend of my life and I am so happy to have experienced freedom and joy in an inexplicable way. 
Maybe you don't know where you are as far as a relationship with Jesus goes, and that's ok. I think we can all learn from the story of Jesus and who He is.
I want to talk about Passion because it was the perfect way to start off the new year, and I'd feel like you guys would be missing out if I didn't. And who am I to do that, you know?

I was in the choir. If you went to Passion you're probably thinking "there was a choir??" because we weren't in black velvet dresses singing three part harmonies to perfection. I was surprised how little we actually focused on singing. Instead, the focus was on how we could help bring the students closer to Jesus. Passion, you are doing something right because the overflow of joy was felt. 
There's so much I learned, I can't explain it all in one post. What I will say, however, is I left with a heart so full, ready for the new year and for all God has in store for me and 40,000 college students. 

Here's a little recap: God loves you. He loves you, yes you, no matter what you've done or where you've been. That kind of love seems impossible but it's not and it was felt all through Atlanta and Houston last weekend. Anyways, he loves you and he sent his son to die and rise again for you (pretty overwhelming, I know). And he'll never stop loving you, whether you believe in him or not. And he hopes that you'll reach out to him so you guys can start an awesome relationship and journey together,  because he has HUGE plans for you (plans where you'll be nervous yet excited, and you'll end up finding the meaning of life and true joy.)
Those are the basics, there's so much more (!!!) yet I feel like his love is the center of it all. In times like these, unconditional love is the only thing we can hold onto. 

If you wanna see what this whole thing is about:
Alright guys, so much love and I hope your 2016 is truly incredible. See you at PCC (I'll be in the choir at the 5PM service this Sunday) ;)