Perseverance. defines "Perseverance" as "steady persistence in a course of action…especially in spite of difficulties".
As I'm reflecting on all that has happened in the first half of 2015 (I can't believe we're halfway done!), "perseverance" keeps popping up. I'm reminded of that time when I wasn't receiving any acting opportunities no matter how hard I tried, and trust me, it was frustrating. Instead of giving up, "My Closet etc." was made, and right after that (literally), I started receiving auditions again. Or when My Closet etc. was going through a month with no activity… and then suddenly, we received three orders in one day. 

Perseverance is the clinging hope and refusal to give up; it's what makes or breaks that dream you're following. Persevering is not something easy to do; it is practiced and perfected, until giving up is not even an option to you. 
You may be starting a new job, getting ready to go to college, or going back to school. Whatever it is, know all of us will have one thing in common: we'll need to learn how to persevere. 

There will always be setbacks and difficulties- whether internal or external. Maybe you have some pent up issues you need to talk about, or maybe college algebra is way harder than you expected. Because we'll all have some type of mishap, get ready to learn the art of sheer perseverance, pull that all nighter for your class project, overcome your anxiety and face your fears, or keep running the business even though it doesn't seem to be moving at the moment. 

Perseverance when practiced not only leads to breakthroughs; it is a learning experience and something bigger than just waiting for a result. It is a lifestyle and a state of mind. 
Let's persevere.

Much love, Nikka :)