Hey gorgeous people!

How is it already Fall?! Although I'm gonna miss Summer, Fall feels like a new start. New beginnings. With a lot of you guys starting college, going back to school, or simply craving a fresh start, I feel the  need to write about something important and vital in everyone's lives: Purpose. 
Most of the time I'm goal-oriented, focusing on each and every step I want to achieve. But lately I've been feeling that it should be less about goals and to do lists, and more about purpose and motivation. 
What motivates you? What is your purpose in life? 
It's heavy stuff, I know.. But sometimes I need to remind myself that every action I do comes from a motivation, a purpose, and it's important to know what it is. In order to not let my work and life become a calculated to do list, I need to wake up every morning with the purpose of what I'm doing in mind. 
Maybe your purpose is "to make myself proud" or "to figure out who I am" or "to become the greatest". Whatever it is, focus on that and then let all your plans, goals, and actions stem from it. That way, your list will seem more like a journey and not something to check off.