Three P's.

Prints, Patterns, and Playing with them. Three P's that terrify me. 

Don't get me wrong, I love prints. My style is extremely bohemian, and I'm inspired by daring and darling prints alike. However, I usually pair my prints with basic colors- a paisley blouse with denim shorts, a black and white kimono with a white tank, you get the idea. No pattern play. 

As I was styling a few My Closet etc. pieces, I realized- mixing patterns looks really cool. It looks like you're that fearless girl that works whichever print thrown at her (which you are fyi). So, after throwing a bunch of clothes on the floor and seeing what works and what doesn't, I have a little bit of advice on the art of pattern play. 

1. Keep it simple. As ironic as this means, mixing patterns requires a casual simplicity to it. If you're gonna wear clashing patterns, try less jewelry; let the prints (and you) get all the attention this time. 

2. At least one color should coincide. That means that if you have a blue, yellow, and black print and you're pairing it with another, make sure the other print has at least one of those colors. 

3. Change it up. If you're shy about mixing different prints and colors, start by wearing a solid colored top instead of a black or white top with your prints. It makes a huge difference.

4. Texture matters. If you're wanting to rock two completely different prints, check out the texture and see if it's similar. Similar textures mixed with completely different prints can look amazing!

5. Start slow. If prints really aren't your forte, (like a printed skirt or pants just aren't your thing) but you want to get into them, start with bright or printed accessories, simple pieces (like a kimono, which goes with everything), or even printed shoes, like the ones we just launched! It'll ease you into mixing and matching without feeling overwhelmed. 

6. Work your magic. These aren't rules- just advice. In the end, you have a unique sense of style that can shine through if you let it. Go with your gut, and have fun! 
Check out some examples below, and hover over the images to see a lil explanation.

Much love,