Miami Journey

So, I just got back from sunny Florida and I'm amazed that it is still cold, snowy, and wet in Atlanta. However, I did actually miss this beautiful city, so I'm not complaining.

I wanted to share a little bit of the fun we had (Mami + I) while exploring the sunny city. We went to this place called the Miami design district, where there was graphic art and graffiti all through the streets. We stopped by Panther Coffee and I am telling you, that was a snazzy coffee shop. Although the menu seemed hard to understand for someone who only knows the vocabulary "frap, latte, and iced coffee" (this is when I need Mercer), I strode up there and ordered a "vanilla iced coffee." It wasn't even listed. But, they made it and exceeded my expectations. It was amazing. So amazing I took pictures of it. Also, while we were there we spotted the rose man, which is this nice guy who makes roses out of straw? Leaves? And gives them to people. He whispered to my brother "drive out the hipsters" and I found that hilarious. 

Later, we went to Wynwood Walls and I LOVED IT SO MUCH- MY HEART. I loved it. There was creativity and art literally everywhere, it was amazing. Wynwood Walls is basically a warehouse that became an art gallery of graffiti and street art. It's giant canvases filled with colorful, vibrant, interesting art. Amazing. If you're in Miami, you need to check it out! 

And don't think I forgot about My Closet etc. I searched relentlessly to find the perfect vintage pieces for your liking, which will be up on Wednesday (new inventory is always up on Wednesday). We have a really cool plaid skirt, a few shirts, big flowy pants, and tropical dresses. I'm so pumped. 

Then we went shopping, because any Colombian that goes to Miami goes shopping. The rest of the trip was beach, pool, working out, then more beach. Also, on the last day we raced to the beach to see the sunset only to find out the sun sets on the other side, so we were basically looking at the butt of the sunset. Or the moon. Still gorgeous though. 

Are there any cool places you know in Miami? I go there a lot so it would be cool to explore again next time! 

Much much love and spread positivity, originality, and a you sense of style.