Hey peeps! 

In case you don't follow my personal instagram, you might not see the weird/hippie/high heel obsessed ootds I post every other day. So here's the latest look; something I wore to go thrifting, then back home. Yes, may not be very exciting, but at least it looks as if I'm about to do something fabulous and exotic. 

The shirt I'm wearing is thrifted, the shorts were about ten dollars at Forever 21 (a while ago), and the heels are thrifted as well (about three bucks, I believe). Since Spring is starting and I've been working out, showing my legs off felt amazing. I don't usually wear tight clothing, so breezy shorts and an oversized blouse was perfect for me. Since the shorts are so short I wanted to balance it out with another flowy blouse, but I added a little more zest through my strappy nude heels, which elongated my legs. 

By the way, the film I'm in, Hear No Evil is playing again on TV one this Sunday at two pm! Make sure you tune in to catch me on tv :) How are you starting spring off? What trends are you excited about? Let me know!

Much much love!