Filming, fashion, and literally everything.

So, so much has been going on lately! I thought I'd update you beautiful people, so here it goes.


"Hear No Evil" premiered on TV one last Saturday and it is incredibly exciting! I wasn't able to see it because I was at a tennis tournament with the fam, but I managed to live tweet it and we got awesome responses! Most people loved it. I'm not sure when it's playing again, but I'll let you guys know!

I just wrapped up this short film I've been working on for a little bit called "Commodity". Although I can't say much, it's going to raise awareness about sex trafficking in the U.S. and will come out (hopefully) later on this year! 

A little behind the scenes shot while waiting for the set up (my view for the past month)

A little behind the scenes shot while waiting for the set up (my view for the past month)

"The Age of Turing" has reached it's kickstarter goal and it is so exciting! I am honored to be a part of this project, and I'm gonna start filming soon. Cannot wait to play "Abigail". 

A teaser off the project, and "Abigail".


I interned with AMTC as a stylist for their last photoshoot which lasted- oh yes- three full days. It was lots of work but it was fun, informative, and such a good experience! I was so happy styling loads of people and learning a lot from the other gorgeous stylists! This definitely made me want to pursue wardrobe styling, so I'll be starting a bit of that soon. 

All the clothes!!

All the clothes!!


You guys don't know this but if you've seen my pinterest, I just moved into an apartment and I want my room to be as bohemian as possible. Right now I have a mattress on the floor with a gorgeous white crotchet blanket, and a little bit of art, eccentric prints, but I needed plants! So I got some air plants because according to the internet, they're "hard to kill". Wrong. They have become brown and stiff and every time I look at them they make me sad, so I'll have to give them a mini funeral later on this week. Time to try with succulents- any tips, let me know!!

Also, we got our first out of state order last week from New Jersey! Much love to the person that bought it- it made my week!

That's basically it- what's been the best part of your week so far? Let me know!

So much love,